community maker

In week two of the Community Maker course, the participants tried their hand at printing. Using a mono-printing technique, the group created designs inspired by their environment and community, which were transformed into ceramic decals to be added to the fired plates. The second activity, led by artist Kat Evans was a stamp making and printing activity. The participants used leather hard terracotta clay to create a block stamp then using printing ink, created a table runner to be used at the feast at The British Ceramics Biennial. These were both really fun and informal activities for the children to try.
Week three was our glazing day. All the fired plates were carefully glazed by the participants. Alongside this, Anna Francis created coasters with the group using the terracotta stamps from the previous week, and decorated them using oxides.
One new participant said “It was great to learn so much and meet such friendly and welcoming people. I love doing creative things with my family, especially in our community. I used to collect ceramic figures so I already have an interest in ceramics. It’s really great to learn the processes which are part of our heritage!”
Chloe said “Painting the plates was very therapeutic. I felt calm!”
It was clear that the participants really enjoyed seeing their pieces return weekly, learning each step of the process, giving them a sense of ownership and pride.

Printing images by Glen Stoker


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