artist in training programme – world in one city

Week six of World In One City was a very relaxing and calm session. We started the day by creating tea caddies and tea strainers with Joanne Ayre. Joanne started the session off with a discussion about teas, and we shared stories and talked about how significant and familiar a cup of tea is in so many cultures. The group seemed to be easing into their new community, whilst learning new ceramic and creative skills. A really lovely way to start a session.
After eating lunch and drinking tea, artist Eleanor Sims began a badge making activity. We created name badges using various media and techniques; metal, ribbon, stamping, stitching. It was great for the group to learn a mixture of new skills, whilst creating something they can wear with pride. The group members who couldn’t be at the sessions didn’t miss out as the participants created badges for those who couldn’t be there. This was a warm-up activity to prepare the group for creating their medals the following week which are inspired by the medals given to the Belgian refugees during World War One.
Today was amazing, I love it! We learn new things every week!” said Ahmad. Group leader Dianne, described the session as therapeutic.
This session was really productive and it was lovely to see the participants feeling a sense of wellbeing and empowerment through the many creative processes learnt.




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