bcb artist in training programme – world in one city

Week two and three of the second ‘World In One City’ block were led by artist Steve Dixon. Steve’s work comments on contemporary issues ranging from the Iraq war to colonialism and the banking crisis. With the participants, Steve designed crests based on the heritage, history and their experiences of the group’s new city.
During the second session, the participants designed their crests using pen and paper, the motifs included symbolism that the group researched and designed. The images were transferred on to ceramic decal paper using a printer, then onto mugs. The mugs will be used in their sessions each week, this will connect the participants to their new community, giving them a sense of pride and belonging.
The feedback from the participants was fantastic. The group described the second session as amazing, with great experiments and transformations. they found the task pleasantly challenging and they loved to express themselves freely.
During the third session, led by artist Eleanor Sims, the group used terracotta clay to create low relief badges, also inspired by crests. These mixed-media creations will eventually be worn by fellow community members as they will be handed out during our celebration event in June. The group really enjoyed this session. They seemed really calm whilst using clay and enjoyed the repetition.
The participants reflect of their sessions weekly by giving us 5 words. Ahmad chose the word LOVE. “I chose the word love because the word is for everyone. It is perfect! We worked together and shared ideas. This is great motivation, we kept on going.” said Ahmad. It was fantastic to see the confidence of the group grow throughout the session and creating almost 100 pieces helped to develop their skills. They found the session inspiring, they felt connected, they enjoyed working from memory in a creative way.




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