bcb artist in training programme – world in one city

On Monday we welcomed a new group to the BCB studio and Spodeworks ready for our second block of ‘World In One City’ sessions.
We began the session with conversations about food and feasting. We then looked at examples of crests, discussing symbolic images and the culture behind these. Each participant designed their own symbols and sculpted them using clay. This was a great start to the project as the participants could get a feel for the material they will be working with, and the initial conversations helped the group ease in to their new surroundings.
After our lunch, which was provided by the ‘Bread In Common’ team, we took a trip to the Emma Bridgwater factory and took a tour. This is a perfect way for the participants to see a working pottery and learn about the history of Stoke-on-Trent.
A really great first session. It was wonderful to see the group settle in, get to know one another and enjoy working with clay!
“This is a comfortable and fun place to be.”
“Working with clay is really interesting, I like to create what comes from my imagination!”





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