bcb artist in training programme – world in one city

World In One City enters it’s sixth, penultimate week. It has been such a fantastic project to be involved in, and I am amazed by the wonderful work which has been produced. The group have shown some great skills, and their creativity, confidence knowledge of the city has grown throughout. One thing that has shown this week is the participants ability to realise ideas and follow design processes well.
This session, we created plates for our feast in June. This was a group decision, as Joanne Ayre, Dena Bagi and I asked the group what they would like to create. We used textured wallpaper, cut into shapes and rolled onto slabs. We took inspiration for our surface design from the table runner created in our last session. Wooden bowls were used to form the pieces, a process similar to a technique some of the group tried out at Emma Bridgewater factory at the start of the project. The results were lovely, and the quality was excellent. There was real consideration for the material and it’s qualities.
“This has been such a great opportunity to create fantastic things. I am grateful!” said Abosede.
We designed a new outdoor clay oven to be used for cooking in our final session next week, and began to plan our feast day. The group will be cooking food to be shared with the public and we will be running clay workshops inspired by our seven sessions, this will give the group a chance to show the skills they have learned. “I am very much looking forward to using the work we have created for our feast! We are nearly all set!” said Diane.
Joanne Ayre has taken inspiration from Sabbah’s foil tabbouleh containers by slip casting them. The results look really lovely and it’s great for the participants to see the material transformation through the casting process.
It is fantastic to see artist Joanne Ayre sharing her knowledge and skills with the group, it has been really important for the group to not only be creative, but to learn about Stoke-on-Trent pottery heritage. The group have a real interest in the city they are living in and are finding a real connection with clay.




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