bcb artist in training programme – world in one city

Yesterday’s World In One City session at the British Ceramics Biennial was a pretty special one. Not only did we create spoons, dishes and collage with Jo Ayre, we also had a visit from BBC Radio Stoke. The participants from the Burslem Jubilee had the chance to talk to presenter John Acres about their experiences of working with clay and their impressions of Stoke-on-Trent.
Eyob spoke of the difference the World In One City project makes to him. It has given us a huge insight into how important our weekly sessions are.
“I have never used clay before and I have learned many things. It makes me feel like I have a bright future. My family, friends and I learn to use clay together and I love seeing people enjoy themselves. Comparing what we are doing in the studio to what we saw at our tours around Emma Bridgewater and Burleigh is fantastic, it is historical. I was living in darkness, but this is real life for me now. I feel safe! Stoke is my home and this is my family.”
Sabbah and Mohammed spoke about the new skills they have learned and how amazed they are by the things they have made. Seeing the participants relationships, skills and confidence growing throughout the weeks has been amazing.
Artist Joanne Ayre was interviewed on the show.
“World in One City is extremely important for the participants to get to know the material which has formed our heritage. Clay gives you a way of taking something raw and shaping it into something beautiful and useful, and they are getting to experience this. It’s a real break away from the things which are most likely preoccupying them.”
Our picnic feast day will give the Jubilee group chance to use the pieces we have created to share food with. I hope the group will sense a real achievement through this.
“Being able to give is so important to the participants.”
“This has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in recent years.” said Jo.
To listen to the show. Click here! 
It is wonderful to see the unity of the group, and how uplifting these sessions are for the participants. It is clear to me that the group have found companionship amongst one another.
Below are some images from today’s session.
We began by creating a table runner from paper, using a collage technique Jo has designed. This was designed and made to share. The result was fantastic! This technique gave the group a new insight into design.
We then played around with creating small scale spoons for our feast, and created some small square dishes inspired by our collage work.
A wonderful session with some inspiring outcomes and humbling conversation!



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