BCB artist in training programme – world in one city

‘World In One City’ enters it’s third week at the British Ceramics Biennial studio. For most of the session we designed, reflected and created. Joanne Ayre began by explaining various types of clay and where they came from, then the group created their very own tea-strainers using these clays. The participants used their sketchbooks to reflect on previous weeks, and to design their creations. They seemed to really enjoy working in this way. I think that by taking some time to think and design, creates clearer results. This time also allows the group to sit down, chat and get to know each other better. The tea-strainers were created using old Spode moulds. After the group’s visit to Emma Bridgewater last week, it was important for the participants to use similar moulds to the ones they saw being used in the factory.
A delicious lunch was provided yet again by the lovely Bread in Common team, with some lovely home made bread made by Jenan.
After lunch, Jo discussed next week’s spoon-making activity and asked the group what shapes they would like to create, giving the group ownership of the session and allowing them to think about what they will be creating in their next workshop.
It has been fantastic to see the group’s skills growing, as well as the relationships between one another and the city of Stoke-on-Trent. “We found confidence and independence in our learning.” The participants felt they had found talents and skills they didn’t know they had.
After speaking to Sheila Evans, the Jubilee Group leader, it was clear that these workshops are extremely important to the wellbeing of these lovely people, and their relationship to the city. “I can’t tell you how much these workshops are giving to these guys. Thank you!”



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