degree show photographs

‘Glass and Ceramics 2012’ 
University of Sunderland degree show
National Glass Centre
Photography by Josh Cockroft 

‘Glass and Ceramics 2012’ wall vinyl. Design by Mathew Lucas.

‘Glass and Ceramics 2012’ wall vinyl, catalogues, postcards and business cards. Vinyl and catalogues designed by Mathew Lucas.
Left to right:
Paul McLaughlin ‘Modular Vessel Forms’, Julie Cox ‘The Collection

Left to right:
Lily Daniels ‘Men of Doubt’, Kathryn Baxter ‘Status Series’, Lois Blacklock ‘The Charm of Nothing’, Alice Hounslow ‘The Forgotten Heroes’, Paul McLaughlin ‘Modular Vessel Forms’, Leah Dennis ‘Pigs & Diamonds‘, Alice Thatcher ‘Shinkasuru’, Helen Brewis ‘Fragility’, Holly Reed ‘Progression’, Paul Wearden, Helen Stafford ‘Age Shall Not Weary Them’

Left to right:
Lois Maude Blacklock ‘The Charm of Nothing’, Kathryn Baxter ‘Status Series’, Alice Thatcher ‘Shinkasuru’, Leah Dennis ‘Pigs & Diamonds’

Alice Thatcher, ‘Shinkasuru’

Alice Thatcher, ‘Shinkasuru’

Left to Right:
Leah Dennis ‘Pigs & Diamonds’, Alice Thatcher ‘Shinkasuru’

Alice Thatcher, ‘Shinkasuru’

Alice Thatcher, ‘Shinkasuru’ 



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