portfolio drawings

These drawings are part of my recent portfolio development to go alongside my final degree show piece. Paper cranes drawn with carbon pencil. Paper cranes drawn using charcoal in a japanese style. Paper crane drawn using cooking oil, ink and charcoal. Un-finished paper cranes drawn in an abstract style using ink and graphite. Paper crane … Continue reading

dry run 2011

These ceramic pieces are based on the japanese art-form, Origami. The pieces are created using porcelain paper clay slip. The slip is painted in layers on to the original paper forms, then fired to create these delicate, paper-like forms. This piece, ‘Tsuru’ shows the paper crane’s folding process, through it’s two-dimensional to three-dimensional states. These … Continue reading

self portrait

The idea for these self portrait pieces have been translated into both glass and ceramics. The piece,¬†created with glass is¬†constructed of several screen-printed sheets of float glass, placed in a specific order to give a feel of space and perspective. The porcelain tubes, also screen-printed are created using an extruder, then screen printed onto using … Continue reading

spinning glass

These photographs were created in my first year of uni. The hot-glass project was based around 2 final images. The images were created by spinning pieces of glass I had created, and shooting them (with help from photographer, Josh Cockroft) using a slow shutter-speed to create the illusion of a vessel. I also used a … Continue reading